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Book Grace to send a personal video message.
Choose from Grace (as herself), Mystic Moira (for a deeply spiritual memo), Bill the Native Wildlife Warrior (a good Australian bloke) or Grace the Glad Wrapper (for rhymes, raps and sick dance moves). Birthdays, congratulations, break ups, pep talks, chakra alignments, hard truths, life advice, and celebrations of every kind.  Give Grace all the details and schedule your personal video message now.

Each personalised, unique video message starts just from $25. Most cards cost that much, and they end up in the bin! #savingtheplanet

1. Fill out the booking form, choose your character and give full instructions

2. Make payment for your video message

3. After your request and payment has been accepted you will receive email confirmation. Then your video message download link will be sent via emailand text within 7 days (please make sure your email and phone number is correct)

4. If for any reason your request is not met you will receive a full refund

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