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Grace the Glad Wrapper

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Rapping from fortune rather than misfortune, Grace the Glad Wrapper busts rhymes about everyday life. From indoor plants to drinking coffee, her raps are the real slim shady and accompanied by sick dance moves. Grace’s choreography career took off after the release of her debut song “My Indoor Plants”, she is now working with Beyonce on her latest music video. Despite her stardom, GGW still finds time to take care of her indoor plants. They are doing really well.

Mystic Moira ​

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Introducing Mystic Moira, a clairvoyant, shaman, numerologist, astrologist, crystal dealer, sound healer, wine drinker, animal whisperer and portal to the underworld. Join her weekly for live card readings via Instagram live. Get your questions answered and let your truths be known as Moira delves deep into your own connection with self. She is also available for birthday parties, hen’s nights and baby showers. (Button: Book Moira)

Bill the Native Wildlife Warrior​

Grace Hogan Act Bill the Native Wildlife Warrior
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Affluent in native wildlife knowledge, Bill educates the community through his adventures and is passionate about being a voice for the animals. He is a good Aussie bloke full of great life advice; the type of guy you would tell your deepest secret to and know that it would never leave the vault. Reliable, supportive and meticulously tidy. Bill is  excited by wildlife, animal books and cups of tea. He would describe himself as a little on the wild side. You can’t miss him in his khaki greens, tidy moustache and coke bottle glasses.